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Extra layers can enhance face mask effectiveness

With the development of fresh, faster-spreading coronavirus strains in India, it may be time to increase the layers on face covers by using two layers at the same time. Layering cloth masks upon disposable medical procedure masks seriously increases your defence against the coronavirus by providing a more familiar fit against your look, a new […]

Why You Must Ditch Your Cloth Masks for Disposable 3 ply Face Mask, N95

Specialists emphasise that we all must swap cloth masks for N95 respirators or Disposable 3 ply Face Mask in the middle of the rapidly spreading Omicron variant. For knowledge: A N95 respirator is a tightly fitting mask that covers your mouth and nose and allows you to prevent contact with droplets and small particles in […]

Surgical face masks 101- Everything you Must Know

Before the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the effectiveness of society surgical face mask-wearing to lessen the spread of respiratory illnesses was controversial as there was no reliable, appropriate data to sustain their usage. During the pandemic, scientific evidence has increased. Effective data now show that society mask-wearing is a helpful nonpharmacologic intervention to lessen […]

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