Can Disposable 3 ply Face Mask prevent the Spread Covid-19?Know from the experts!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared last year, the market got flooded with many different types of face masks. The market is full of a variety of colors and styles like cloth or Surgical Face Mask, that let the wearers flaunt their personalities, societies, etc.
But this is not the only way to choose a good face mask; they come in two major categories: reusable face masks and disposable face masks.

According to Mark Alain Déry, DO, MPH, an epidemiologist and medical director for infectious diseases at Access Health Louisiana, the next best thing to social distancing is face masking to prevent the transmission of virus. More than 40 percent of individuals that have the Covid-19 virus are asymptomatic and do not show any symptoms, such people are more likely to transmit the virus, he added.
According to some people, masks are not 100 percent effective thus, it is not compulsory to wear them in public.
But, Karen Jubanyik, MD, associate professor of emergency medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and co-author of “Beat the Coronavirus” explained that a Surgical Face Mask will interrupt the speed of the droplets such that they are very much less likely to travel at far distance.
The market if full of questions like: Which type is the safest one? What’s the best disposable mask out there? Before we dive any further, take note that any face mask is better than no face mask at all. Another thing to keep in mind is that medical-grade disposable face mask is not recommended for the general public as their production is limited and they must be reserved for the frontline healthcare workers.
Let’s start with a few basics first; What is the Medical Definition of a Face Mask?

Face masks are devices that come with or without a face shield. It hugs the user’s nose and mouth and may or may not fulfil fluid barrier or levels of filtration efficiency. They might include cloth face covering as an add-on. They might be for single or multiple uses, and they must be laundered or cleaned if used multiple times.

Before getting yourself a box of disposable face masks, medical experts recommend you to keep these things in mind:

  •  Consider the difference between non-medical masks and medical-grade face masks to make sure that you’re getting the accurate one for your precise needs (details will be given on the box).
  •  Non-medical face masks come in different layers. Get the one that is at least Disposable 2 Ply Face Mask but a Disposable 3 ply Face Mask is ideal.
  • If possible, choose the mask that has an inner lining with anti-bacterial properties and moisture-wicking.
  • Go for the one that has an adjustable nose piece. This clip will help keep particles while you breathe, cough or sneeze. Moreover, it can also solve the problem of fogging on the glasses.
  •  Make sure that the mask you choose fits you perfectly. You don’t want a mask that needs to be adjusted constantly.
  •  More expensive the disposable face mask doesn’t guarantee better protection.

Now, going back to the big question, how good is a Disposable 3 ply Face Mask?

There have been numerous numbers of research taking place and while these remain ongoing, most experts believe that N95 respirators give the best protection against the Covid-19 virus; but these masks are made generally for specialized use, and are costly and uncomfortable when worn for a long time.

In India, people prefer cloth masks as they are light-breathy and come in different colors and designs. However, with the monsoon season coming in the country, three-ply surgical masks hold an advantage.
During a recent webinar hosted by Indian Scientists’ Response to CoViD-19 (ISRC), where more than 500 Indian scientists, technologists, engineers, doctors, science communicators, public health researchers, journalists, and students participated, it was argued that during the monsoon the three-ply face masks are the best kind.
Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, is a Material scientist who suggested that these masks have a layer that doesn’t get wet in the monsoon season.

According to him, the exterior of these masks is hydrophobic. You can also check if your mask repels water by placing a drop of water on it and if it is so then the droplet will roll off.

The next important thing to remember is to wear the mask correctly i.e., the side which has a lighter color is meant to be inside and the one with a darker color, is hydrophobic, and hence, should be worn outside.

Since the inner layer is not water-resistant, if you feel that the mask is wet from inside, it is time to change it, and to leave it to dry before reuse. However, in case the mask gets entirely drenched, you must throw it away. This is because the efficacy of all masks reduces considerably after they get wet.

But for an essential service provider, it is ideal to wear a face shield with a comfortable substitute. They can wear a mask below the shield, which will help the mask to remain dry.

When it comes to disposable 3 ply face masks, the pack of 100 masks by Medsicher, is one of the most popular choices in India. These masks have high filtration efficiency and the outer layer is water-resistant as well. So, you do not have to worry about your mask becoming ineffective because of any accidental water spills. The inner layer of this mask is skin-friendly and is made of breathable material to ensure optimum comfort.

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