5 Benefits of Disposable Earloop Face Mask

The appeal from health experts to the public for wearinga Disposable Earloop Face Mask has increased in recent months, as coronavirus cases continue to climb in India. This is the result of various studies in favor of the effectiveness of wearing a face mask in public places in order to curb the disease.

With the second wave hitting hard in the country the Face Mask Manufacturer company in Mohali are developing the best products that too in a very cost-effective manner.

Based on the latest research, the Disposable Earloop Face Mask has the following benefits:


1. Protection from the virus

The chiefmodeof the transmission of the is by respiratory droplets that are transferred from one person to another when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. A Dust Face mask, however, can act as a barricade for these droplets.

The latest simulation from researchers at Florida Atlantic University shows how effective face masks can be in the reductionof the number of droplets found in the air and the distance they travel. Without any protection, droplets coveredmore than 8 feet of distance. A bandanna can cut the distance to almost 4 feet, and a folded cotton handkerchief can cut it to 1 foot, 3 inches.

2. You might be contagious

Earlier the masks were recommended only when people knew that they had COVID-19 but later it became apparent that the virus can be transferred even before it starts to show symptoms or even by the people who did not show any symptoms but have the virus in them. The CDC then, made the guidelines making it compulsory for everyone to wear face covering when in public.

A paper published in the journal, NATURE, have found that more then 40% of coronavirus patients never show symptoms. Thus, it makes it very hard to know who might be the carrier.

This made both the WHO and the CDC to recommend people to wear mask even though they are healthy. It is one of the most worked out way to control the spread and save life of those who are more likely to become a sever case.

“Think of this as a social responsibility”, says a Surgical Face Mask Manufacturer.

3. Masks can protect you!

Some studies suggest that the cloth face mask offers some levels of protection but these results will only be seen when everyone keep their mouths and nose covered. It is a long-term benefit: The more people covering their mouth and nose, the lesser will be the transmit and this will eventually lead to reduction of risk for infection.

We need to cut the chain and whether you are the transmitter or the receiver, you need to block the passage of the virus on either end of the chain so that everyone gets benefited from it.

Face masks have shown a tremendous amount of positivity in the attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

4. Masks may boom the economy recover>

Wearing a mask could be an option over complete lockdown thereby helping the economy to revive. Recent spike in the coronavirus cases have led to many communities to pause or stop there reopening plans for a while and we know that it is very economically damaging.

Lockdown has brought the Indian economy to a halt and we have seen a major section of the country getting unemployed. The widespread use of mask, however, have led to the opening of places inside the country. After the second wave the Surgical Face Mask Manufacturer has increased the production of face masks even more.

5. There are few alternatives

In the tomes where India is seeing a shortage of vaccine and the development of new strains, there are a few alternatives that we have to follow. Taking preventive measures like, following social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene is on the list. But still wearing a mask properly top the list always.

Buying a Disposable Earloop Face Mask in this time is a really cost-effective way to fight off the disease. These face masks are light, breathable and do not lead to any kind of skin allergy.  Moreover, these masks come in 2/3/4 ply type to give the kind of protection you need. The strong ear loop makes sure that these masks cover your face effectively without you reposition the mask every now and then.

But remember the only mask that is most effective is the one that is worn correctly. In addition to this is is very important to dispose of this one-time use correctly. As it is seen that people are often negligible towards practicing the proper routine which has led to the increase in the spread of the virus.

Medsicher is a Face Mask Manufacturer company in Mohali, who has specialized in this field from the pre-pandemic times. We aim to offer budget-friendly, premium quality surgical products to the medical practitioners in India. Throughout the pandemic our professionals our working hard to manufacture the required amount and we are also using the latest innovations and research to bring the best quality to you.

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