Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a Facemasks

How do face masks prevent COVID-19 from spreading?
Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus and affects the respiratory tract. It spreads through tiny droplets coming out of their mouth or nose when we talk, sneeze, or cough. This means that if you are in proximity of a person who is infected with this virus, and no one is wearing a surgical face mask there, then it is very much possible that you will also get infected with the COVID-19 virus.But if this same person is wearing a face mask then there is a lot less risk that these droplets will disperse in the air and will affect someone other because these masks act as a barrier but that is only in the case if these are worn correctly. As it is seen that people who are affected by COVID-19 may experience symptoms that either delayed or very few. So, everyone should wear a face mask in order to keep the droplets to themselves, for safety reasons. In case you do not have the disease, still, you should keep the masks on so that you avoid being at risk.
This method is known as source control where I wear the mask to protect you from myself; it doesn’t happen the other way around. It is so far the best way to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in a situation that is already worsening.
But wearing a face mask cannot be an alternative for hand washing.

  • Do wear a face mask whenever you go to a public place
  • Do use a well cleaned surgical face mask always
  • Do use a mask that fits you properly
  • Do use a mask that is easily removable
  • Do wash your mask daily if you are using a cloth mask
  • Do wash or sanitize your hand before touching your face mask
  • Do wear a disposable face mask under a cloth mask always


  • Don’t wear the mask below the nose or around your neck
  • Don’t use the mask if used once
  • Don’t use the mask if found in damaged or ripped conditions
  • Don’t take the mask off in the public area
  • Don’t touch the mask unnecessarily
  • Don’t wear two disposable face masks together
  • Don’t stop wearing a mask even if you are vaccinated

Other than this do remember to sanitize and wash hands for at least 20 seconds properly and carefully.
Stay at your home and go out only when important!

How To Use, Reuse & Dispose of Face Mask (Preventing CoVid-19)?

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