• Tie-on Mask

    Well-fitted, lightweight face masks!

    Product Description

    Medsicher Tie-On Face Mask face mask reduces the transfer of bacteria and foreign particles through the mouth or nose of the wearer. You can adjust it according to your comfort. Highly efficient against bacterial filtration thus, reduces the risk of infection. These face masks meet all the medical standards to ensure the ultimate protection.


    • Three-ply or two-ply loop mask
    • Non-Washable
    • Fit for all face shapes
    • Multi-layer filtration
    • Fibreglass free filter
    • Adjustable tie type masks
    • Verified and Certified


    • Gives maximum protection with a flawless fit.
    • Great protection, great quality at affordable rates
    • Does not cause any skin rashes.
    • The highest degree of efficiency.
    • Latex-free to give you an odourless experience.
    • Sweat resistance technology.

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