How To Use, Reuse & Dispose of Face Mask (Preventing CoVid-19)?

Ever since the world got into the grasp of the coronavirus, there are two instructions that have been constant by WHO; washing hands and wearing a mask. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wearing a face mask and practising social distancing in public areas have helped significantly in reducing the spread of Covid-19.

Whether you choose a surgical face mask, N-95 respirators or even a simple cloth mask the results have been pretty great in controlling the spread of the virus. All these masks have a different level of effectiveness but the most important point to remember is it’s not just the quality that matters but also the way you use these masks. As suggested by the WHO, a face mask should be worn by following a proper strategy to control the spread of the disease and thus, saving lives.

Staying at home and washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is a must.

Most of the masks made by a Surgical Face Mask Manufacturer are for one-time use only. The easiest way to find if you need to replace your surgical face mask is to see look for if it is soiled or the inner lining is moist. They can be sterilized in rare conditions but for limited use only. You even need to follow proper steps while removing and disposing of the face mask.

There are many different types of masks offered by the Face mask manufacturer in Chandigarh market as well! No matter the type these steps would always remain unchanged!

How to wear the mask correctly?

  1. Always wash your hands properly, before touching the mask.
  2. Take care that the mask covers your mouth, nose and chin.
  3. Don’t touch the mask before washing your hand when removing it.
  4. Dispose of the mask in a covered bin and then wash hands again.

If you go to the market today you will find three major categories of masks in the market and the way to use them is a little different.

Cloth masks
You might prefer them as they are very easy to reuse: Just come back home and give them a quick wash! Dry them in sunlight and voila! It’s ready to use again. According to a study using a home stitched cloth mask is the last resort in order to prevent the transmission of the virus. The everyday washing hampers the quality of clothes and thus, increases the risk. There might be a possibility that you forget to wash it and keep it lying around inside the house thus, inviting the deadly virus to your doorstep.

Now the big question is: Is it really worth it to save pennies when your family’s health is at stake? We would recommend you to keep in mind all the pros and cons while making the purchase. This is really an important decision to make.
Invest in good quality masks!

Surgical masks
A Surgical Face Mask is also very readily available in the market. It is highly suggested to dispose-off these masks after you have worn them in for eight long hours. Single dry heat sterilization for half an hour at 70 degrees can inactivate the virus effectively without compromising the quality of the masks.
However, we don’t know yet how many times can we really disinfect the mask without any compromise. So, a common rule is to use it only once and if it gets soiled or tampered throw it away but PROPERLY. We will come to this part later in the blog!
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N95 respirator
There are several studies indicating that respirators can stay functional as per their design for eight hours of use. Following the guidelines provided by the surgical face mask manufacture can help in reducing the risk. Most guidelines suggest that these masks are to be reused only after UV treatment, mask rotation, autoclaving, dry heating, etc.
But is it really possible to follow these steps in a common house?

Hence, the most optimum way is to dispose of the masks after one-time use!

A mask is a must to barricade the inlets like nose and mouth but sometimes due to itchy nose, seating or tired eyes you feel the urge to touch your face masks. This could lead to a serious danger as you get very prone to catching up with the virus. This is a nasty habit and the good news is that it is not a hard one to break. Just me mindful at all times while touching your face.

How to dispose of your face mask with caution?
It is often observed that people are not aware of disposing of the face mask properly. Several environmental studies have shown that used masks are causing a serious threat to natural habitats and wildlife.
These steps are quite simple and it is the best way to keep all kinds of viruses at bay!

  1. Try not to touch the masks on the front side.
  2. Remove your masks from behind using the ear loop.
  3. Always discard in a closed bin.
  4. After removing it wash your hands with soap or use a sanitiser for a minimum of 20 seconds.

If you won’t follow the correct procedure the virus could survive for a long tie and can cause serious risk to the health of our community.
Let’s pledge to wear, use and dispose of mask properly; not only to prevent the spread of viruses but also to keep the environment sustainable for future generations.
Medsicher is a leading face mask manufacturer in Chandigarh and we feel that it is our moral responsibility to educate people about face masks especially during the coronavirus pandemic.
Be responsible and safe!

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