Where to buy Surgical Face Mask online after the Indian government updates COVID Omicron variant guidelines?

The world encounters a wave of concerns because of coronavirus’s highly contagious Omicron variant. Health experts have advised against using single-layer cloth face masks to secure the virus.

Earlier, the usage of cloth masks was encouraged owing to the fact that they are cost-effective and reusable. Yet, given the highly contagious Omicron variant, experts have recommended using N95 or Surgical face mask as they do not have a supply shortage.

Here’s a list of various face masks that you can find easily on the Medsicher website.

Surgical Face Mask

Medsicher’s surgical Face mask will help reduce transmission of bacteria and dirt particles via the mouth or nose of the user. The product is highly efficient against bacterial filtration, thus lowering the risk of infection. These face masks satisfy all the medical measures to guarantee maximum protection. The masks are Non-Washable with Multi-layer filtration capacity. Medsicher ensures high-grade protection without compromising your convenience. The masks are soft enough that they won’t cause any skin rashes.

Dust Face Mask

Disposable Earloop Face Mask

Medsicher’s offers a high-grade range of Disposable Earloop Face Mask that will decrease the transmission of the virus. Masks are available in blue colour and are designed to take care of your ear. These masks are airy and at par with international norms and standards. The offered products are fabricated and supplied at Medsicher. Delivers a high level of protection without compromising your ease. Our masks are latex-free to give you an odourless experience. The masks are free from a fibreglass filter and have an adjustable nose clip.

Disposable 2 Ply Face Mask

Disposable 2 ply face mask is ubiquitous, crudely created, and generally fits in your budget—sort of like a sneeze shield. The purpose of a two-ply mask is to protect an individual’s nose and mouth for hygienic impressions. They may deliver respiratory security against extensive particles such as dust masses and bugs. Disposable 2 Ply face mask is a hot commodity in the food industry. Consider food processing factories, food packaging manufacturers, food carnivals, caterers, academy lunchrooms etc. Plant workers, spa employees, pharmacists, and places where the moisture speckles may cause a situation these masks are used.

Disposable 3 ply Face Mask.

Disposable 3 Ply Mask gives a lot of respiratory protection (approximately 80-90% by most descriptions) while permitting the user to breathe and speak without too much problem. As it has a centre layer for filtration, a three-ply mask is often found in medical facilities waiting spaces. They are also typically utilised by dentists, hairstylists, hygienists, nail salon manicurists, and people generally in very intimate closeness (within 2 feet) of various people for extended durations.

Our 3 Ply masks are even used in office spaces during the pandemic situation to ensure your team’s health. We claim about 80%-90% filtration and ensure premium quality as it is a significant factor in whether or not a three-layer mask will deliver the desired level of protection.

Disposable 4 Ply Face Mask

Disposable 4 ply mask has one layer added to the standard disposable mask. It can provide more safeguard to you and your family.

  • Two layers of non-woven material (non-toxic)
  • One layer of filtration Meltblown material (high filtration efficacy)
  • One layer of inner soft non-woven material (skin-friendly)

Purchasing high-quality, breathable material fetches you a comfortable feeling. These masks are skin-friendly and comfortable. Comfortable to Use as you just need to wear the elastic bands over your ears and squeeze the metal strip around your nose bridge to make the mask hug your face tightly.

The colour fabric, i.e., blue, is printed with a non-toxic product. You can relish the brilliant colour on your face and preserve your health in the meantime.

What to Look for in a Surgical Face Mask

When buying a quality mask, the most significant problem you’ll face is that you can’t open it or deconstruct it to see the genuine layers. Most images offered are “mock-ups” and don’t deliver the same article you are offered. So, there are a few points that you can consider while buying the face masks so that you end up purchasing the most-useful product in the market.


Go for a 3 Ply – If you are confused between a 3 layer mask and a two-layer mask, go for a disposable 3 play face mask as two-layer masks do not come with a filter. You can look for pictures on our website that show the genuine inside layer.

The internal layer is light, but it must look like a coffee filter or paper, not a stretched-out pillow fill component that has holes around.

Medsciher is the fastest-growing Face mask manufacturer in Indiaand we specialise in the R&D of experienced personal protection outcomes for our clients. The factory has years of background in fabricating all sorts of hygienic products, and our buyers include clinics/medical research organisations etc.

Leave us a query to know more about how these masks can be used to keep the Omicron virus away. Call us to place a bulk order!

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