Why must you wear a Surgical Face Mask even after two vaccine doses?

Inspired by increased vaccine coverage no. and suddenly decreasing Covid-19 cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US’s top health agency, declared on May 13 that it has lifted masking and social distancing methods for fully vaccinated people. But, with the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in the country, concerns are being raised if Surgical Face Mask relaxations should be implemented or not.


Besides the US, several different nations like Israel, England, and Bhutan have made masks non-mandatory in public areas. Still, some authorities and Face mask manufacturer in India says that using face masks is a practical forethought as it’s still possible to get affected by the virus even after being completely vaccinated against Covid-19.

Surgical Face mask


What Are Masking Jurisdictions in The US And the World?

On May 13, the CDC published a report that adequately vaccinated people can carefully do most things outdoors without using a face mask or the necessity to follow social distancing. The choice was stimulated by a decline in virus cases and the extensive availability of the three Covid-19 vaccines, i.e., Moderna, Pfizer BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen.

However, the US witnesses’ growth in Covid-19 cases once again, leading to increased hospitalisations and mortality. Covid-19 cases are on the rise in nearly 90 per cent of the US, with outbreaks coming from areas with weak vaccination coverage.

The CDC says the fresh hike in problems is due to the rapid spread of the notably transmissible B.1.617.2 or Delta variant.

The CDC has not improved its masking guidelines, but many states in the US have declared policies as their conditions, making the usage of Surgical Face Mask necessary in public places.


Israel was the first nation to uplift the mandatory face mask rule when it saw flat curves on Covid-19 disease in April, and 70 per cent of its citizens took the vaccine. 



What Do the Experts Say About Mask Regulations?

Though Covid-19 vaccines significantly reduce the risk of critical sickness and mortality, few experts say using a mask is a reasonable precaution as you can still get affected by the disease.

The US surgeon officer at the time of the Trump presidency, Jerome Adams, stated the CDC crucially needs to update its masking guidance to combat the accelerated rise in Covid-19 infections caused by the Delta variant. In a report by Washington Post, Adams told that when the CDC revised its way of using masks in May, most Americans were happy and comfortable. This decision was based on data proving that the coronavirus vaccines were very effective at curbing death rates or critical disease and controlling transmission of the disease. People were no longer required to wear a mask in most public environments if they got the shot. 


According to Dr William Schaffner, a contagious virus expert at Vanderbilt University, an older person or someone with health problems should use a mask when going to a public space. On May 13, the CDC guidelines stated that someone who has a medical condition or needs medicines that result in a weak immune system might need a mask for reassurance even after they are completely vaccinated.


Can Vaccinated Indians Remove Masks?

In India, over eight crore people have taken the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, namely, Covaxine and Covishield. Also, as several state governments have relaxed up the Covid-related constraints, wearing a Surgical Face Mask and practising social distancing is necessary.

Someone who has taken the Covid-19 vaccine needs to follow the Covid-appropriate lifestyle as said by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

Moreover, with just eight crores completely vaccinated in a population of over 130 crores, Tie Type Face Mask is crucial, and so are the social distancing practices. India is far from beyond to stop following the social distancing practice.


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